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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Art Charges? Screen printing, Embroidery, and Heat Transfers all require some software definition of the art to produce a finished product. There is an flat rate charge to create that software definition. Once the art is created it is saved by L3 for future runs, so the customer only incurs this charge once for each design. If a customer is migrating from another screen printing vendor, L3 art charges may be waived.

What are Screen Charges? Each individual color of an image takes one screen, for which there is a charge. This charge is assessed each time a production run is made for that product. L3's screen charges are lower than many of our competitors.

What is Digitizing? Digitizing is the process of converting a visual picture to a machine readable format. This allows the embroidery machine to know exactly where each stitch goes. The customer is charged for this on a one-time basis. Because we do all of our digitizing in-house, L3 has some of the lowest digitizing fees in the industry. Like the art charge, if a customer is migrating from an L3 competitor, this fee may be waived.

How About Delivery Time? Can and Order be Rushed? Delivery time is typically 10 business days. However, customer needs are of utmost importance, so every effort will be made to accommodate faster delivery requirements. There may be additional charges for rush orders.

What about Copyrighted or Trademarked Art. Will L3 produce a product using that art? L3 honors all copyright laws, both literally and ethically. If the customer provides such art in machine readable form, L3 assumes the customer acquired the art legitimately.

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